What are the Chances of Reducing DUI to Reckless Driving?

Reckless driving and wet reckless driving are presumably the two DUI plea agreements that are most frequently used. This is far preferable to being convicted of DUI for the following reasons:

  • There are no statutory jail terms or license suspensions for wet reckless drivers. 
  • There are no additional consequences for reckless driving.

Almost every driver charged with DUI wants to get their charge reduced to reckless driving, but many won’t succeed in doing so. As soon as you are arrested, you must make wise decisions to move your case forward. There is a high chance of reducing DUI to reckless driving with the help of an experienced DUI lawyer.  They can assist you from trial preparation to gathering evidence for the case. 

How to Turn a DUI into Reckless Driving?

In order to increase your likelihood of obtaining a reckless driving settlement, you must:

Recognize the Prosecutor’s Objectives

Prosecutors do not offer deals or concessions unless absolutely necessary. If they make you an initial offer, it’s usually just a ruse to get you to enter a guilty plea and isn’t usually worth accepting. Their goal is to condemn as many people as possible and to punish them as harshly as possible. That implies that you must vigorously argue your case. If you can’t convince the prosecutor that they might lose at trial, they won’t offer you a reckless driving settlement.

Hire a DUI attorney

If they don’t have a committed DUI attorney advocating for them, the majority of DUI offenders do not receive a favorable plea deal. That entails a lawyer you picked yourself who has handled DUI cases before and won cases similar to yours. Simply said, whether you accept the court-appointed attorney or retain a lawyer who doesn’t specialize in DUI, you cannot expect the same outcomes.

DUI offenders who wish to fight the system on their own are common. Don’t. Years of trial expertise handling DUI matters are just incomparable. 

DUI Civil Lawsuit

Intoxicated driving is forbidden in every state in the union. These behaviors frequently result in criminal prosecutions with potential fines, imprisonment or prison terms, driver’s license suspension, and other comparable problems. Many people might not be aware, though, that in addition to criminal charges, the perpetrator of these offenses could also face civil lawsuits.

The victim of another’s drunk driving may file a lawsuit against that individual. Furthermore, a favorable verdict in the criminal case is not required for it to be over. The accident victim just needs to demonstrate that the driver’s negligence caused their injuries.

How does a DUI Attorney Work out a Wet Reckless Agreement?

In order to push for the deal, DUI attorneys will first develop their case. They may use the following strategies:

  • contesting the validity of the arrest
  • contesting the legality of the traffic stop
  • attacking false blood/breath test results
  • exposing the police’s mistakes

If you weren’t informed of your rights, the motion to dismiss your statements will be made.

Providing evidence that a cause other than DUI exists.

Consider yourself a prosecutor with a caseload of 12 DUIs. You know you can win most of them. However, in one of them, the judge has thrown out the breath test results, the police broke protocol during the traffic stop, and all of a sudden, there are witnesses who claim the driver was intoxicated. Who do you believe will benefit from the deal?

How does a DUI lawyer help you?

A DUI attorney can assist in ensuring a better result for your case.

Limiting Penalties In the US, a DUI is a serious offense, and as a result, fines can be high. They start at huge and go up based on things like your blood alcohol content (BAC) and any accident-related damage. When compared to the fines and penalties you could incur if found guilty, the expense of hiring a DUI lawyer is negligible. The  attorneys can assist you and can make an argument for a less severe punishment or perhaps successfully clear you of all charges. 

Decreased Prison Time Following a DUI arrest

Even if it was your first violation, a DUI conviction in Arizona carries a mandatory jail sentence. You can receive an even longer sentence if this was your second or third violation or if there were aggravating circumstances. You most certainly wish to avoid going to jail because it can have a significant negative influence on your life. You can reduce your jail sentence with the aid of a DUI attorney.

Contesting the Suspension of a License

One of the harshest penalties for drunk driving, in addition to jail time and fines, is the loss of your driver’s license. It is challenging to carry out regular duties such as driving to work and doing errands while you are unable to drive. We are aware of the potential effects that a suspension may have. Because of this, you need a DUI lawyer to support you in fighting any license suspension.


Reducing the DUI to reckless driving is a crucial process. You can rely on an experienced DUI lawyers to help you navigate through the trying period that follows a DUI arrest. This reduction can save your future in terms of education or employment. It may be more difficult for you to get recruited for a new job and it may influence your existing employment if you have a criminal charge on your record. A DUI is a crime that can follow you throughout the rest of your professional and personal life. 

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