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Confirmed! TV stars negotiate with RTL

Which presenters and experts will work for the new rights holder RTL from the upcoming NFL season? How their presence will affect the results of matches and the morale of athletes. Use to bet on NFL events

The rumor mill is bubbling, but now NFL TV stars Björn Werner and Patrick Esume have talked about their possible futures on their podcast Football Bromance.

Former NFL pro and first-round pick Werner revealed the day after the Super Bowl: “There are negotiations with RTL.” So German NFL fans can hope that both will be on TV again next season.

Esume: “These three points have to come together”.

However, the 32-year-old added: “As of now, after the Super Bowl, it’s just negotiations. We don’t know ourselves where these negotiations will end up at the end of the day.” In doing so, he emphasized that he and Esume each have ideas, and, of course, so does RTL. Therefore, future changes are seen as more transparent than they are drawn.

The former football coach and commissioner of the European League of Football added: “There are always a few parameters in negotiations that are important. Everyone probably just thinks it’s always about the money. No, it’s just not about the money. Sometimes it’s even more about the shared vision and respect on both sides. Those three points have to come together.”

Possible resignation to step down?

He was asked about this by his colleague on the podcast. To that, he said, “What I said after the Super Bowl was emotionally driven by the moment. But as of now, that was it and my TV career is over. Can I maybe be convinced to come out of retirement? Maybe. But I don’t know.”

At the same time, Esume stressed that he would be perfectly okay with it being over. “The most important thing for me is my relationships, my family. As of now, I’m assuming that’s it for television.” Sport is no longer the center of life after so much time given to covering it

Accordingly, we’ll see where the journey goes from the two NFL TV stars. One thing is clear, however: they will not be commentating for ProSieben Maxx during the ELF season. The reasons are clear. Werner is a shareholder and sports director of the Berlin Thunder’s ELF team, and Esume is the league’s commissioner.

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